SODEIT Onsite Volunteering Welcome Pack 

SODEIT Onsite Volunteer and Internship Placement 

SODEIT provides volunteering and internship opportunities within its community, as well as within other sustainable development activities carried out by its partners. The duration of the volunteer work is from 1 week to 18 months, any time throughout the year. Participants in our volunteer programs may come from any country in the world, regardless of race, color, religion, ethnic group, orientation, etc. We offer a tailor-made service, arranging individual and groups of students, professionals, retirees, Gap year students, long-term volunteer placements in Buea, Cameroon. We match the skills of volunteers to the needs of locally run projects that work towards poverty, hunger, illiteracy and unemployment reduction, risk management and sustainable development.

Our wide range of projects, including Teaching, Care, psychosocial support, research, Conservation, Nutrition, agriculture, environment, gender and capacity building, camps, entrepreneurship and business development, Micro finance, Medicine & Healthcare, Sports, Community projects, Business, Law & Human Rights, Journalism and Language Courses, are designed specifically for the needs of the communities in which we work, whilst giving our volunteers (aged 16 – 80) the very best experience of volunteering abroad. Volunteer age 16 must be in groups of 2 or more.

To increase the effectiveness of our volunteer work we have designed four programs to maximize our efforts in Cameroon. If these times are not compatible with your schedules please contact us to determine if an alternative program can be arranged.



A chance to volunteer alongside highly committed local Cameroonian volunteers and gain a unique insight into another culture. A chance to make a difference, to connect with people living in a challenging community, gaining an insight into how people with very few material resources live, and recognizing how much we all share in common. A chance to be inspired, stretched and be changed in surprising, unexpected ways. A chance to relax, and have a holiday. Weekends are spent seeing nature and wild in Zoo, Botanical gardens, visiting a tea-estate, world wars soldiers graves, Bimbia Coast slave trade castle, hiking at Mount Cameroon, Visiting cultural and heritage sites– enjoying Africa traditions and cultures and the last few days spent at a beach hotel, enjoying the tropical paradise Cameroon is famous for.

The work can be challenging: it is tropical, the facilities where we work are often basic, meeting and working alongside people in poor communities can be tiring. But everyone who has been on a SDI Cameroon Volunteering has been emphatic about the extraordinary privilege of volunteering alongside inspirational local volunteers and getting to know the wonderful people and cultures. Throughout the Year, any time for individuals and groups.  


Typical One/Two Weeks Holiday Activities

Day 1-2:     Acclimatizing: explore the area, stroll along the beach, have a dip in

the pool at a neighboring hotel, meet some of the community.

Day 3 – 6:     Volunteering with the projects.

Day 7 – 8:  Go with nature – visit Limbe Coast Zoo, Botanical Garden, Tole Tea estate, Honey and snail farming and , World war graves, Bimbia coast Slave trade Castle, or  hiking mount Cameroon.

Day 9 – 12:    Volunteering with the projects.

Day 13-15:    3 days relaxing on a beach on the Limbe Coast



First Session (January 28   – February 27)  Second Session (May 30 – June 29)    Third Session (June 30 – July 29)

Fourth Session (August 01 – 30 September) Fifth Session (October 28 – November 27)     


Typical Four Weeks and Long Stay Volunteer Weekend Excursions

Weekend & Excursion Destination
1st wknd:  Visit Limbe Coast, Zoo, Botanical Garden, Bimbia coast Slave trade Castle, and World war graves.

2nd wknd: Littoral Region Cultural Heritage and coastal beachs Tours.
3rd wknd:  Western and North West Regions Cultural Heritage and leisure Tours.

4th wknd: South West Region Cultural Heritage and leisure Tours including Mount Cameroon, the highest mountain in Central and West Africa in the city of Buea making it one of the most sort after tourist’s destination in Cameroon. It’s a place more apt for adventures like hikers and climbers.. Trekking in this mountain is an amazing experience that travelers cherish throughout their life or; tour agro -industrial farms – Palm trees farms, banana farms, plantains farms, cocoa and coffee plantations, rubber plantations, Tea estate, Honey and snail farms, Korup Park etc.


3. LONG STAY SESSION (5 weeks – 36 weeks)

Any period throughout the year. Four Weeks Volunteer Weekend Excursions activities are applicable here.



Voluntary Care work is one of the most worthwhile activities you can get involved in. Throughout Africa, there are vast numbers of children who are orphaned or neglected, and in need of love, care and affection.

Care placements are a chance for volunteers on a gap year or career break to really make a difference to children who would otherwise have little or no mental stimulation in their lives.


Go beyond the beaches and join us for a fantastic four week of volunteering and exploring in beautiful Mount Cameroon and coastal Limbe, Kribi, foumbah and Douala. This guided volunteer and adventure tour combines volunteering for local Community development with hiking, site tours, and more.

  • The Program

  • Destination

  • Costs


*Volunteers may participate for one or more sessions. Weekend excursions are open to everyone interested in seeing the great touristic and coastal sites Cameroon has to offer.


VOLUNTEER/INTERNS PROFILE: we welcome committed volunteers/interns at age minimum 16 for gap year students in groups, minimum age 18 for individual and below the age of 85. Groups of 2 or more are welcome and group’s project/activities are negotiable. We welcome project proposal(s)/initiative(s).

When: Any time of the year.

Where: we have urban and rural placements available in the South West region of Cameroon, Uganda and in Sierra Leone with Teaching/education, psychosocial support, Orphanages’ and Children care centres, community health education.

How Much: Board, lodging, pick up and drop off vary from 01week to 26 weeks or more.


WHAT ADDITIONAL COST WILL I HAVE? Visa, flights, travel insurance (recommended), vaccinations, English/French lessons, souvenirs, trips, tours (at your own desire). A volunteer can expect to cover social expenses with an average of $150 a month.