STUDY ABROAD at Pan African Institute for Development, West Africa

SODEIT Study Abroad Program is a professional program on Community Development with Community Volunteering and Tours) that happens twice a year every year. If interested, please talk to a professor or advisor at your school to learn more; and send an email to

Program Overview
This program will take place at the Pan African Institute for Development, West Africa (PAID/WA),Buea, Cameroon, under the foot of Mount Cameroon and on the centre of the regional Administrative capital, South West Region. Students will also have time on their own to enjoy the country through cultural events, coastal beaches and take independent field trips to immerse themselves into Cameroonian culture.

Location Information
Located on the west coast of Africa, geopolitics located in central Africa Cameroon is the home of a number of political and social institutions of importance to the study of Africa, community development and its diaspora. These include the institution of chieftaincy, basket weaving and Bamenda cloth weaving traditions, exquisite cultural heritage works in the North, Centre and Western regions, and the incomparable collection of coastal slave castle, Museums, Zoos, Botanical gardens and forts. Cameroon is also one of the most politically stable countries in Africa. Buea, with a university student population of more than 120,000–roughly the size of Pittsburg- this institution is one of the first two premier comprehensive Anglo Saxon higher learning institutions in Central Africa, Cameroon.

Study abroad in Cameroon is the first semester-long Program in Central Africa. Offered only in PAID/WA two times a year, this program gives students the experience of living, studying and interacting with local community through NGO volunteering in Cameroon while completing courses toward graduation at their various universities. This is an interdisciplinary program established in collaboration with various higher learning departments, including community development, Africana Studies, History, sociology, Anthropology, performing art, language studies, Political Science, public administration and Music. Students will register for their university/college credit while taking corresponding courses at our institution in Cameroon. Formal classroom learning will be reinforced by complementary experiential field study. For example, the study of American/European slavery in Africa will be reinforced by a field trip to one of the historic slave dungeons on the coast of Cameroon. A study of Community development will be complemented by a volunteering attachment with a grass root charity organisation. The curriculum will include one core foundation program on Africa History plus student choice of a Development programs.

Courses will be taught by PAID/WA faculty, depending on the programs chosen. All courses are taught in English, and no foreign language proficiency is required.

All students will take four core foundation program plus development program chosen.

Core Courses- All students will take the following courses:
• AFRCNA 1200: Intro to Africa
• AFRCNA 1300: African Politics
• AFRCNA 1310: Cultures of Africa
• AFRCNA 1320: Music of Africa
• AFRCNA 1600: History of Africa since 1800
• AFRCNA 2200: Central African art and culture (Dance, painting, carvings, weaving)

Elective Development Program- Students will choose one of the following programs:
Where students may have taken one of those programs previously, alternative program will be considered.
• Peace and humanitarian action
• Gender analysis, planning and development
• Project planning management and development
• Environment and geo-information sciences ( remote sensing and GIS)
• Animal production, husbandry and management
• Human resource management and development
• Disaster, climate change, and sustainable development
• Micro finance management and development
• Health economy and development
• IT and sustainable development
• Community health development
• Research and Development



Program Dates

January to May (Minimum 3 months)
May to September (Minimum 3 months)
Staring 1st month: Depart for Cameroon; program begins with touristic tours and projects observations
2nd and 3rd months: Teaching Development and volunteering
4th month: Teaching History and Tours of Historic monuments and leisure’s
5th month: Revision and Exam, Tours/excursions/camps and Depart from Cameroon

Keep in mind that many airlines charge for additional checked baggage.

Housing Information

Program participants will be accommodated at the International Students’ Hostel on campus-PAID/WA or home stay with local family host or self catering Volunteers Guests Apartments. Participants may choose to be accommodated in either a single room or a double occupancy. Students may purchase meals at one of a number of canteens and restaurants on campus/around. The residence self catering apartment also have cooking facilities with a house mate to help cleaning laundry and or cooking.

Students may use the computer lab and internet facilities at the host institution. Additionally, they will have access to several internet cafes around the town. Close to campuses and residential house one can find banks and postal services, a supermarket, laundry services, and security systems.

Admissions Requirements
• Completion of at least 24 on-campus credits (sophomore standing or higher)
• Good judicial record on campus

Rolling admission application process. Applicants will be immediately notified of acceptance into this program and be able to complete post-decision materials prior to the term’s application deadline.

Our work is guided by the principle of humanity. We believe that it is up to each of us to take action and work with our fellow human beings and their communities. Our programs contribute to local development efforts and students rise to the ultimate challenge of living, working, and learning abroad. We connect students to the realities of the human condition abroad. We build on years of experience, and are committed to providing the highest quality experiences abroad with the utmost of integrity.

Our Values

Valued Partnership
• We do not impose on communities. We only send students/professionals when and where they are truly needed. Our projects and partners receive students because they truly want a helping hand and to learn from the cultural exchange, not for any other reason.

• We look for students/professionals with an open mind, a willingness to learn, and adaptability. We always provide pre-departure support and cultural education. This ensures the best possible experience for both you and your host community.

• SODEIT is a dynamic organization. We are driven by a core team with substantial and diverse experience in facilitating students’ and professionals’ placements around Cameroon. The success of our programs is drawn in large part from the dedication and efforts of our team. Based on our expertise, we are adept at managing relationships across an array of cultures. What does this translate into for you? We provide you with the best program abroad that is possible. Furthermore, you can rest assured that the volunteering you do will have a meaningful impact.