Teenage Mother Empowerment Project

We educate and empower 100 young mothers yearly, allowing them to rise out of poverty and illiteracy, which will provide their families’ health, wellbeing, hope, smile, and a future. After graduating from our one year program, young mothers are able to give back to their community and help pull other girls and young women out of the cycle of intergenerational poverty and illiteracy. Our goal is to close the gender gap.

The SODEIT Teenage Mother’s Empowerment project promotes the right of girls to delay early marriage by addressing the conditions that keep the practice in place, and caring for girls already in union by Cultivating Positive Development and Self Reliance practices. In addition we provide psychosocial support, sexuality and reproductive health education services, financial and entrepreneurship education. This is a sustainable development approach to achieve the Africa Maputo 2030 Agenda.

Creating Communities where Teenage Pregnancy, Adolescent Child Bearing, STIs/STDs and HIV is no longer a barrier to education, and where education opens doors of health, Life skill training, jobs, sustainable livelihood, and professionalism.

Social Development International (SODEIT) facilitates social and economic empowerment of teen mothers in poorest communities throughout Cameroon by providing sustainable solutions through local education, healthcare, training, empowerment opportunities based on an approach that ensures basic human rights, compassion, and service to humanity.

Through our partnership with gender and women empowerment programmes as well as businesses and entrepreneurship and advocacy organizations, we seek to create a connection between education, empowerment, livelihood, entrepreneurship and advocacy using a three pronged approach that focuses on:

I. Gender Advocacy and Parity – works with girls, women and the public on gender challenges and opportunities. It provides them with training in entrepreneurship, health care practices, leadership, women’s rights and advocacy, and teaches them how to tackle community issues that will impact their lives; while helping them to use their skills and voices to advocate for positive solutions to those issues.

II. Public Engagement – informs and engages the public by using education, health promotion, women entrepreneurship and advocacy skills to create a platform and other public manifestation to increase awareness of the issues facing teen mothers and adolescents girls.

III. Policy Change – partners with women, gender groups, advocacy and community organizations to implement creative strategies that use female entrepreneurship and Women voices to strengthen campaigns to improve teen mother’s families, adolescents girls and their communities.

Since 2009 to date, SODEIT Cameroon has worked with more than 2000 adolescent girls, teenage mothers and women in the South West Region, among other communities in Cameroon. Participants have learned to use life and livelihood skills as both a vehicle for self-development and an advocacy tool. Millions of people have seen education and training being fostered in rural, urban and peri-urban areas and media coverage. Eg. The Eden Newspaper, AllAfrica.com, United Nations Development programme, United Nations Economic and Social Council, Cameroon Tribune, The Post, STV, & Cameroon Radio and Television, BBC, Cable News Network etc.

Adolescent pregnancy and childbearing constitutes a public health problem in Cameroon. 11% of all deliveries at government hospitals, are teenage. Contraceptives are still taboo in most communities, and the poverty level is still very high. 25% of pregnancies occur in girls of school age, and 20% of pregnant teens do not return to school. With your support, we can reduce teen pregnancy, improve reproductive health, educate girls, mind transformation and empower them with life and livelihood skills. Each girl learns about reproductive health, nutrition, entrepreneurship, healthy relationships, finance, HIV/AIDS, STIs, technology, female role models, and career options. Since 2009, we have reached over 2 000 adolescent girls and young women using mind transformation, education, health education, entrepreneurship, finance, technology and empowerment trainings.

121 teen pregnancies out of 1000 teen girls. Cameroon represent some of the most marginalized girls in the Africa. In addition to incest, rape, female genital mutilation, broken homes, early marriage and high teenage pregnancy rates, many of the girls we support have lost their parents and are often living independent life, under the care of a relative who abuse them. Many are forced to leave school early. A lack of education support, mind transformation and empowerment, reproductive health education, skills training and opportunities within community and school system leaves them with little understanding of their health, rights, education, life skills, career options and livelihood.

Our mind transformation and empowerment trainings give teen mums and adolescent girls the skills, education, peer support, role models and career options they need to succeed in life, be agent of change and leaders in their community. Education, mind transformation and empowerment allows teen mums and adolescent girls to make healthy choices which contributes to a reduction in early pregnancy, child bearing, marriage, health complications and positive mind set. With our Girls Tech Documentation Center and Teenage Mother Professional Institute, we are position to educate, transform minds and empower more adolescent girls’, young women and stakeholders in Cameroon.

Long-Term Impact
We are committed to improving teen mums, adolescent girls’ and young women reproductive health and livelihood throughout Cameroon. Our School and community outreach activities are a proven track of success in promoting education, mind transformation and empowerment training. A positive mind finds opportunity in everything. In addition to improving teen mums and adolescent girls’ education, reproductive health and livelihood, our goal is to use a preventative model to adolescent girls’ pregnancy, child bearing and school drop out over time. Through education, mind transformation and empowerment, our community and school workshops prevent future adolescent pregnancy, child bearing, school dropout, deviant behavior, and instead empower them as agent of change and leader in their community.

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