Remote Healthcare Centre

Remote Healthcare Center is a project that provides free of charge services and testing of COVID-19/TB/HIV to at least to 2% of population in entire rural community. We develop partnerships with telemedicine health providers in African neighboring country to creating info-packs and medical kits at testing centers and collaborating with the Social Development International's University Team to create healthcare training programs for individuals within the community.

With the rapid spread of Covid19 in Cameroonian communities, SODEIT and the GSC teams have come together with an innovative approach to Covid19 testing using the similarity of symptoms between COVID19 and TB coupled with the preva- lence of TB and HIV/AIDS in Cameroon, to provide relief to local hospitals and testing centers, Initially in Limbe, Cameroon. This is done by providing multiple tests in band/ex- press systems in one testing center that provides the following:

Starting with a local community survey followed by custom visitation to the testing center and having appointments with physicians from all over the world at our Virtual Medical Clinic set-up in the center by Yashfii and Microsoft Teams.

Access to our triple testing services as well as XRay/ CT Scan in the latest AI technologies provided by DeepTek’s Genki where swab test results as well as scans are received with the simplest smartphones and devices and accessible to the patient from every- where with regards to patient privacy.

Follow-up appointment at the Virtual Medical Clinic that includes referral to pharmacies and healthcare providers.

Post-Diagnostic Care
With an Educational Kit that includes a multi-lingual infopack about COVID-19, TB and HIV as well as a number of sanitizing products and PPE.

SODEIT appoint 29 doctors from all over the world, including Nigeria, USA, India, Egypt, Cameroon, Ecuador, Sweden, Russia, South Africa to provide free of charge services and testing of COVID-19/TB/HIV to at least to 2% of population in the entire rural community. SODEIT spread local awareness and provide medical testing of 3600 individuals (2% of population) in the local area of Limbe, South-West Cameroon.

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