Global Training Academy

The Global Online Academy and Volunteer Training Program on ground for stay-at-home students, humanitarian workers improve the possibility of distance and MOOC learning in Cameroon. It puts an end to gender inequality in technology training, business, high-tech industries and entrepreneurship. We offer everything from knowing technology, coding courses to boot-camps to hackathons and startup competitions no matter age or profession.

Global Online Academy

• Team Education collaborates to create and develop educational content in main and basic subjects like: Mathematics, Science and English using international and easy to use platforms like Coursera and Kiron.

• This content is developed and distributed to schools and students in vulnerable communities that can’t make it to schools because of the ongoing COVID-19 spread in some local communities that don’t have sanitation capacities to host their students.

• Team education is now also trying to collaborate with every volunteer in SODEIT to offer non-monetary services that are not just based on specific subjects mentioned earlier but this system allows education of skills like: Musical Instruments, Research, different languages, etc. Meaning that 1400 Volunteers within SODEIT or at any other volunteer capacities through this mentorship program, will be able to offer direct impact in someone’s lives.

Volunteer Training Program

Our collaboration with international partners like DisasterReady and Cournerstone UK, has lead to designing an integrated training pro- gram to all new-coming volunteers whether virtual or on-ground humanitarian workers providing relief (First aid, Psychological support, Nutrition programs..etc) in different projects.

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