Girls Tech Documentation Center

Girls Tech Documentation Center is a project that works to put an end to gender inequality in Technology training, technology business, opportunities, high-tech industries and startups. We do that by educating and empowering girls and young women who are passionate about technology. As a result, we offer everything from knowing Technology, coding courses to boot-camps to hackathons and startup competitions no matter age or profession. It is Girls Tech Documentation Center mission is to support Girls and young women with the access and community they need to succeed in technology.

Since 2009, SODEIT has reached more than 2,000 adolescent girls and young women through health education, entrepreneurship, finance, technology and empowerment training. A program for training girls as peer health educators helps girls form companionships and communities. It also allows young girls to develop health literacy to use effective contraceptives and protect themselves. The goal is to train 3,500 girls as peer health educators.

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization stated that women only account for around one-third of STEM students in higher education worldwide. Further, only 3% of these women select information and communication technologies (ICT) studies.

The gender STEM gap is alarming, particularly given that STEM professions are often referred to as the “jobs of the future, driving innovation, social wellbeing, inclusive growth and sustainable development.” SODEIT’s projects emphasize gender equality in education in rural areas by equipping girls” with the financial means and materials needed to attend Vocational and University STEM courses.” These graduates will be at the forefront of a vibrant new workforce that Cameroon required for its developing economy in 2035 and beyond.

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