SODEIT Governance Structure

The work flows and communications within OUR CAUSE occurs both within and across the management teams, beneficiaries/funders/friends/supporters/donors/partners/affiliates the degree of which is dependent on the specific work process or task at hand. Also, individuals and teams in our cause collaborate/cooperate with stakeholders across diverse project & program/portfolio.

The organizational structure of SODEIT is made up of Board of Directors (BOD), Board of Advisors (BOA), Executive Team (which is made of both management and technical staff ). This structure comprises of both international and local experts and consultants in the social science, Economics and Management science work and social industry. There is only one SODEIT organization. It carries out its works throughout its territories. It is also the International SODEIT, which declares, in accordance with set conditions and an established procedure, the recognition of a new group, which thus becomes member of the cause.

SODEIT Governance Structure.JPG