Public Health in Humanitarian Crises

About the Course

Public Health in Humanitarian Crises is a free online public health course offered by Johns Hopkins University in the United States. The class includes the following modules: Emerging Risks, Challenges, and Opportunities for Future Humanitarian Emergencies; Protection of Displaced Populations: Human Rights & Humanitarian Law; Shelter in a Humanitarian Setting; Health Care in Humanitarian Emergencies; Management of Diseases in Humanitarian Crises; Nutrition in Humanitarian Crises; Livelihoods and Food Security in Humanitarian Crises; Water and Sanitation; Humanitarian Actors and Coordination; and Humanitarian Disasters and Public Health. Students spend one week on each of the video modules. Roughly two to three hours of study time is required weekly to view the videos and complete all supplemental assignments.


Gilbert Burnham, MD and Mija Ververs