Mission & Values

We work to reduce global poverty and improve lives through innovative economic research that drives better policy and practice by the world's top decision makers. We strive for excellence and intellectual rigor and believe global prosperity starts with smart policy based on evidence. Our work is nonpartisan and our recommendations are not influenced by our funders. We are willing to challenge powerful institutions and the status quo for better development practices.

We are committed to transparency, diversity, and professional and personal integrity. We value mutual respect, a collegial work place, and a healthy sense of humor.

Our Affiliation

SODEIT collaborates and engages with a number of professional bodies and organisations. We are closely connected with the UN non-profit organizistion Social Development International. 

Our Board

SODEIT’s Board, led by Executive Director of Social Development International, includes young professionals from the worlds of development, policy, finance, and academia.

Our Funding

SODEIT is funded by a diverse group of foundations, corporations, governments and individuals who care about development and value rigorous and independent research. 

The Case of Africa

Africa has substantial economic potential. The IMF estimates that Africa is home to eight of the world’s 15 fastest growing economies. By 2050, over 2 billion people will live in Africa and one in four global consumers will be African. These thriving, young, innovative and rapidly growing populations provide great opportunities for African businesses to trade and invest. Currently, African countries receive less than 4% of global foreign direct investment. Therefore, with the ambition to encourage closer trading partnerships and channel more investment into African nations, board members of Social Development International founded the CIBPP. 

SODEIT contributes to development goals of economies in developing countries to support trade, investment and development on the continent. Our activities include:


  • Supporting research and knowledge generation in a variety of field

  • Assessing country level preparedness and need for technical assistance in capacity building support.

  • Undertaking policy-relevant analysis around investment, the digital economy and e-commerce, and resilient economic recovery.